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2014 LC Sectionals

22 - 26 Jul

Shenandoah (TWST)

 2014 LC TAGS

23 - 27 Jul

University of  Texas, Austin (TXLA)

2014 LCM Southern Zone

29 Jul - 02 Aug

Northside ISD, San Antonio (AAAA)

1Scores, when posted, will normally remain here for approximately 72 hours.  After that time they are generally old news.  If necessary, they can be re-acquired by downloading the SwmmBkup File (SBF) and re-constituting the meet in Meet Manager.

2SwmmBkup Files (SBF) are Zipped by default and allow much faster downloads while conserving space on the Server.  After downloading, the SBF can then be utilized to "Restore" the Meet in Meet Manager.

2As a practical matter, SBFs can only be saved and then utilized for restoration in Meet Manager.  They cannot be opened without specialized software.

POST-MEET FILES: PDF Meet Informations, Final Results, Commlinks and SBFs will normally be permanently deleted from this Page 30 to 45 days after the completion of any particular meet.  If a client anticipates a future need for these data beyond the 30 to 45 days, it is recommended the SBF be downloaded by the client so the meet can be "Restored" in Meet Manager if necessary.